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Jeep Tours

Discover the Beauty of the Sahara Desert and channel the adventurous spirit within as you embark on a once and a lifetime experience exploring the endless dunes of Merzouga & Erg Chebbi. The adventure begins with nothing around but the vast emptiness of the desert and the clear blue skies above. A top a camel you are led into the heart of the desert where you and your companions will have the opportunity to gaze upon the red sunsets of the Sahara and experience the calmness of the desert night. As the stars come out, the rhythms of the djembe drums begin and night is illuminated by millions of brightly shining stars revealing the surrounding mountainous dunes. After experiencing the serenity of the desert night, the adventures continue for one last moment watching the sun rise over the dunes at the break of dawn. It is a truly unforgettable and peaceful experience every person should have at least once in their life. Check out further some of the options available to begin your adventure!

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The jeep tours provide the unique opportunity to experience all the wonders of southern Morocco and its rich history. Starting from thrilling city of Marrakesh, your chosen adventure will lead you to the undeniable beauty of Morocco’s ancient ruins, old Kasbahs and the very impressive Gorges of Dadès and Todra. As you journey further south, the adventure continues deep into the heart of Morocco’s Sahara desert where you will have the chance to experience life among the nomads and discover its raw beauty through a camel trek. Each experience is customized to the likes of the adventurer. Simply choose your destination of choice and let the adventure begin!

Camel Trek